Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Library Lingo - A

There are many words used to describe library resources and searching techniques. The Library Lingo posts will help you with the most common terms you might encounter in the Library while doing research.

We will start with all the words starting with 'A' and soon the entire A-Z list will be complete...

A brief summary of the main points of an article - read the abstract to get a clear overview of the article or book.

Abstract Journal:
A source that compiles, by subject, author or title, articles from a selected group of periodicals.

A style of writing that argues a certain point of view, using evidence to support the position.

The order in which information is presented in a book (i.e. alphabetical, chronological, by subject, etc.). Determining arrangement contributes to the effective use of that work.

A contribution written for publication in a journal, magazine or newspaper - articles are usually the latest information published on a certain topic.

The "something" that we believe in but we havent checked it our carefully to see if our assumption is based on fact or fiction.

Reference sources wich are a collection of indexed maps. Sciences may also refer to atlasses as "maps to the body" for human or animal anatomy.

The people for whom a work is written.

Information in a non-print format. Includes films, slides, audiotapes, videocassettes, records, software. Also called multi media.

Material that is supported by evidence and accepted by most authorities in the field.

A book about a person's life written by that person.

If you come accross another word that you dont understand please reply and we will gladly assist.