Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Library Lingo: B

Library Lingo posts will help you with the most common terms you might encounter in the Library while doing research.

A list of citations or references to books or articles on a particular topic. Bibliographies can appear at the end of a book, journal or encyclopedia article, or even as a separate publication.

A book about a person's life written by some other person.

Boolean Searching
A method of searching where search terms are combined using the boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT to broaden or narrow search results. The library has made it easy for you to search using these operators on the advanced search screen of the catalogue.

Bound Periodical
A hardback volume containing several issues of a periodical title - usually older editions.

Software you use for searching the internet. The most popular ones are Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.
If you come accross another word that you dont understand please reply and we will gladly assist.